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Astera d.o.o.

Astera d.o.o. is photo agency specialized for commercial photography (catalogues, calendars, books, posters etc.) and photojournalism (newspapers, magazines, events) in Slovenia and worldwide. Ale? Fev?er started his professional carrer in 1988 and so far he photographed all Olympic Games, different world and european championships, Grand Slam tennis tournaments, F1 races, Camel Trophy, Camel Wild Water Challenge, PGA golf tournaments and many events for his clients in Slovenia and abroad. He aslo has his own spacious photo studio with different lightning equipmnet and top photo gear. He works with Canon analog and digital cameras and optics at 23x36 format, Pentax and Hasselblad at medium format, Sinar at large format and panoramic cameras Hasselblad Xpan and Linhof 6x17cm.