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Terms of use

ATTENTION: Downloading images on the cost of the publication prior agreement with the owners of Astera d.o.o..
The type of use will give the cost for which the image is used. You will agree if
billed as a service (more photos) or invoiced as a single photo.
Each image downloaded without prior agreement on the cost, will be automatically billed according to our price list.

This website is designed to provide its customers access to the Internet through its archive of digital images in different formats. The photographs, texts and more generally what composes the pages and the structure of this site are protected by copyright and are not free of rights, and then either any use, reproduction or use, whether partial or total without the prior permission of the rights owner or Astera d.o.o.. The images in the database, can be used for editorial use, advertising and / or commercial and can be downloaded and / or used only in accordance with the standards prescribed in the License Terms for the use of images. Of all the images in the database is NOT allowed to be stored, except as otherwise provided in the License Terms or arrangements made for the use of pictures.

Property / Copyright

The owners of the rights of the images in the online archive are the authors of the images themselves. The owners of the copyrights on the images have given the Astera d.o.o., directly or through their agency representatives, the exclusive right to sell the reproduction rights for their images once in Italian territory or in other parts of the world based on individual contracts of distribution.

Using the site

The site allows any registered user to search in the image database. Inside the site the user can register for a range of features not available to the user is not logged and therefore unknown. Traduzione da italiano verso inglese These features include advanced search mode, the possibility to download the images singularly or in groups after being placed in its light-box, to obtain, depending on the contractual agreements signed with the Astera d.o.o. and depending on the type of registration and of necessity , can be downloaded directly from the site, images in high and / or low resolution not covered with watermarks.

Copying Image License

The present agreement is a legal agreement made between the user and Astera d.o.o.. Downloading images from the archive online is as explicit acceptance of the terms and conditions below. In case of not agree to terms and conditions mentioned, is not possible to download images contained in the online archive. If this contract was entered into behalf of employer's the license, the restrictions and limitations will also apply to the employer for whom you are acting. All images on this site are protected by copyright and all rights belong to Astera d.o.o.. Any rights not specifically granted are reserved.

License to use images for layout and presentations
With this contract Astera d.o.o. allows, for a period of 30 days, the personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use images for presentations, editorial projects and layouts. It's possible to use only one copy of the image and download it in the computer. It is understood that this file will be destroyed after use and / or expiration of the period granted.

Unauthorized use
This agreement does not include any sale of rights for:

- use the images for advertising, editorial, promotional or other commercial applications
- grant licenses, sell, publish or distribute one or more images or parts thereof
- publish images online and allow their download with FTP or similar method
- use the images in a defamatory, pornographic, child pornography, fraudulent and / or illegal way
- use the images violative of any law of Copyright or privacy
- use the images for any other purpose not provided for by paragraph 2.

Any unauthorized use of images is a violation of copyright laws and authorizes the Agency to protect its rights by pursuing this ban, in accordance with existing laws.

Customer agrees to indemnify and not hold the Astera d.o.o. responsible for any claim, liability, damages, costs and expenses including legal fees, arising from unauthorized use of images.

No applicability
One or more clauses of this agreement could be considered not applicable in this case, all other terms of the contract will remain in force and executive.

Exclusive place of jurisdiction
The parties elected to the exclusive jurisdiction Turin court in any dispute relating to this agreement

Users Registration

To register the user must fill in the form available in the same site and to view the privacy policy, read and accept this document (Terms and conditions for use of the site), read and accept the Terms of License document for use of pictures. Astera d.o.o. reserves the right to verify the validity of data entered into the registration form in order to protect itself and the holders of the copyrights on the images distributed by any unauthorized use. In the registration process the user can choose their own identified (User Name), while the word to access (password) will be sent by mail (address specified by the user) at the end of recording.

User responsibility

After recording username and password will be the data by which you can access the service. In this function is determined that:

these data are strictly personal and non-transferable to third parties, and may not be used for specific purposes other than those for which they were provided, the user agrees not to disclose its username and password, so it will be solely responsible for any damage caused by knowledge, or the use, of their data by third parties. In case of lost, loss or appropriation by others of its data, the user must immediately inform Astera d.o.o. via e-mail. The user undertakes not to use the contents of this site for any unlawful purpose, libelous, defamatory or fail to respect of the Privacy Law, particularly in relation to the privacy of children. The Astera d.o.o. not be responsible for any consequences arising from the use that the user make of the information or data obtained through the service, Astera d.o.o. assumes no liability to third parties regarding the violation by the user of any such provisions absolutely imperative nature. Astera d.o.o. reserves full power to inhibit, without any communication, access to the site to subjects who have violated the above provisions or who have failed one or more clauses relating to the use of images in Terms of the License document for use of pictures.

Site contents

Astera d.o.o., ensuring the greatest possible care, however, can not be held responsible for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions in the information should be detected relating to the contents of the site. Astera d.o.o. has the right to change, modify, update the site contents and service at any time without prior notice to users.

Suspension / Stop service

Astera d.o.o. while ensuring maximum continuity of service and its quality does not assume any liability for temporary suspension of service due to maintenance, breakdowns or anything else caused by the use of electronic media including any malfunction of the service. Astera d.o.o., in no case, be held responsible for any damages of any kind arising from or relating to the use.

Rights to use any image

All information relating to all types of uses possible / not possible of images in the online archive are contained in the License Terms for the use of images document.